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Painless transition from arrays to NGS in ID/DD analysis

Learn how OGT’s transformative targeted NGS solution delivers the best of both worlds

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Date: August 12th 2020

Time: 15.00 BST / 16.00 CEST / 10.00 EST

Duration: 1 hour

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Paul Dougall

Paul Dougall PhD has worked in clinical research settings and small biotechnology companies and is responsible for the Cytogenetics and Rare Disease portfolio of products at OGT.

Paul will discuss the challenges of NGS adoption in ID/DD analysis. He will illustrate how OGT’s intuitive bait design and advanced software development have overcome these challenges, by robustly calling CNVs and LOH in addition to SNVs and Indels. This ability, in a single, robust assay delivers more genetic information in a cost-effective method.

Sandra Kachhia

Sandra Kachhia is a Senior Scientist in the Development Team, having worked for 12 years at OGT. Sandra was involved in protocol development for CytoSure Constitutional NGS and supported the training of beta triallists at customer sites.

Sandra will outline, in a poster presented at ESHG 2020, the results from over 200 intellectual disability and developmental research samples. Sandra will describe an improved method to investigate ID/DD, providing critical information on not just CNVs, but SNVs and Indels as well.

Jolyon Holdstock

Jolyon Holdstock PhD has 16 years’ experience at OGT as a software developer and data analyst. Jolyon runs the team that developed the Interpret software to support analysis of OGT’s targeted NGS panels.

Jolyon will provide a short demonstration of the key features of Interpret NGS analysis software, and how it facilitates analysis and visualisation of a wide range of variants and structural aberrations including CNVs and LOH in a way that is familiar to cytogeneticists.

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